Warped Whisky Wednesday

It's already another Wednesday! And you know what that means, Warped Whisky Wednesday! This week we have Wyoming Whiskey and Don Reynaldo Regalos on deck!

Wyoming Whiskey

This week we will be pairing Wyoming Whiskey with Don Reynaldo Regalos.

Bourbon: Wyoming Whiskey

ABV: 44%

Origin: Kirby, Wyoming

MSRP: $36.95


Cigar: Don Reynaldo Regalos

Body: Medium

MSRP: $15.23


The Story: This whiskey was brought to our attention by one of our retailers in Wyoming (Casper Cigars) said he was bringing this whiskey to us at the IPCPR. So sure enough at the end of one of the days of the show, Josh stops by and has us sample this for the first time, thanks Josh!

Whisky Tasting Notes: In an effort to as always keep this light and short a bullet list of our flavor notes are below...mostly so you can get back to drinking and enjoying your taste of Wyoming.









Conclusion: Wyoming Whiskey is spicy, but not hot and has some great cherry aspects to it. While this whiskey does have some youth aspects to it, the sweetness paired with the creaminess of Don Reynaldo's blend make it a good combo, but not the best. The spice aspect of the whiskey and the white pepper of Don Reynaldo do not go together hand in hand. Not the best pairing but not the worst.

August 02, 2017 by Kyle G

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