Warped Whisky Wednesday

It's already another Wednesday! And you know what that means, Warped Whisky Wednesday! This week we have Elmer T Lee and Flor del Valle Cristales on deck!

Elmer T. Lee

This week we will be pairing Elmer T. Lee with Flor del Valle Cristales

Bourbon: Elmer T. Lee

ABV: 45%

Origin: Kentucky, USA

MSRP: $34.99


Cigar: Flor del Valle Crisatales

Body: Medium

Region: Nicaragua Puro

MSRP: $9.36


The Story: We all love Elmer T. Lee, that's all there is to it, haha. Price for experience, its hard to beat.

Whisky Tasting Notes: In an effort to as always keep this light and short a bullet list of our flavor notes are below...mostly so you can get back to drinking and enjoying your Elmer T. Lee.









Charred Oak

Conclusion: If you have smoked a Flor del Valle before you know that it has a great stone fruit coupled with a mild spice aspect in a medium body format. Elmer T. Lee is a great "medium" bourbon at 45% ABV its not offensive in terms of its content and it has a tremendous flavor profile to back it. When you mesh the fruit, spice, oak, and velvet aspects of the smoke of Flor del Valle Cristales coupled with the smooth, fruit and citrus notes of the bourbon and the oak finish, the pairing jumps of well. All senses are hitting the palate at once and its just easy going. Nothing overly to dissect or think about, just something to sit back, relax, and enjoy!

July 26, 2017 by Kyle G

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