Warped Whisky Wednesday

Welcome back! It's our favorite day of the week...Wednesday!..which means it's Warped Wednesday and that means its time for our weekly pairing! Sorry about the last 2 weeks being absent, but we were preparing and exhibiting at the IPCPR. But we are back now and getting back into the swing of things.

Red Breast 12

This week we will be pairing Red Breast 12 Year Irish Whiskey with Corto X46.

Whisky: Red Breast 12 Year

ABV: 43%

Origin: Ireland

MSRP: $69.99


Cigar: Corto X46

Body: Medium/Full

Region: Nicaragua Puro

MSRP: $8.60


The Story: An Irish single pot stilled Whiskey malted and unmalted barley that is milled and mashed prior to being triple distilled in traditional copper stills. Post distillation the utilization of sherry and bourbon casks is used to create the end product as we know Red Breast 12. If you are a normal Irish Whiskey drinker then I am sure you are aware of this staple. If you are not an avid Irish Whiskey drinker...well you should start.

Whisky Tasting Notes: In an effort to as always keep this light and short a bullet list of our flavor notes are below...mostly so you can get back to drinking and enjoying your Corto.




Smoldering wood


Full fruit


Dark Wood

Conclusion: Why did I choose Corto and Red Breast 12? Well if you have had a Corto X46 you know that it possess this caramel sweet aspect mingled with a chocolate tone that is extremely hard to put down. If you mix in the spice, fruit, and wood aspect of Red Breast 12, you are creating quite a harmonious mixture. These 2 complement each other. The lasting finish of Red Breast 12 allows you to have the profile constantly on the palate long after you put it down, allowing you to have Corto X46 in on the mix.

Give it a shot if possible! See you next week!!

July 19, 2017 by Kyle G

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