Warped Whisky Wednesday

Warped Whisky Wednesday

After a small hiatus, Warped Whisky (and Wine) has returned! Each week we will be pairing a Whisky or Wine with a cigar and offering up our tasting and pairing notes. We hope that it will spark you to give the pairing a try and let us know your thoughts as well!

Edradour 10 Year

This week we will be pairing Edradour 10 Year Single Malt Whisky with La Hacienda Gran Robusto.

Whisky: Edradour 10 Year Single Malt

ABV: 43%

Region: Highlands

MSRP: $69.99


Cigar: La Hacienda Gran Robusto

Body: Medium

Region: Nicaragua Puro

MSRP: $7.95


The Story: It's kind of an interesting story how I came into this Whisky. I was visitng my long time friend, the Edinburgh Cigar Smoker last week for a few days while doing seminars and events throughout Scotland. He told me he wanted to take me to the "smallest distillery in Scotland" and not one for turning down an adventure through the Highlands, I agreed. We jumped on the train from Edinburgh for the 2 hour journey to Pitlochry. We had a great time on the train catching up about everything since we haven't seen each other in over a year, conversations of cigars, coffee, and of course Whisky.

After arriving in Piltochry we grabbed a few quick things and began our hike to the distillery..now full disclosure you can take a car and drive to the distillery but the Edinburgh Cigar Smoker wanted to hike through the Highlands on tight trails to show me a few of the natural beauties Piltochry had to offer (and thank you to him for making me take the hike!). It was beyond beautiful, after the 45 minute adventure seeing historic buildings, water falls, farm houses, hills, we came to the final walk through a tight trail that ran against someones farm with a stunning view of the rolling hills, it was truly something to behold. But the funniest part was coming out of the woods and right onto the distillery property and getting all the weird looks from people who drove as we are covered in pollen, vegetation, and all.

The Distillery: Marketed as the "smallest distillery in Scotland" it was quite the quaint distillery, with a combination of white and red on each building. We took the tour, and seeing their operation in full operation, it was great to see a boutique distillery. To put things in perspective, what Edradour makes in a year is what the largest distilleries make in a week...but love and care goes into their product and it shows on the property. A great place to visit with a wide variety of offerings in their tasting room and their cask warehouse was certainly beautiful!

Whisky Tasting Notes: In an effort to keep this light and short a bullet list of our flavor notes are below...


  • Lemon
  • Yeast
  • Honey
  • Caramel


  • Honey
  • Short Bread
  • Light Fruit
  • Nutmeg (on the finish)
  • Crisp

Conclusion: One thing that stood out to me with this pairing was how well the honey and crispness of the Edradour 10yr paired well with the nuttiness and white pepper of the La Hacienda Gran Robusto. If you have smoked La Hacienda Gran Robusto you know the profile offers a lot of nuttiness, sweetness, and a bit of light pepper and having that sweet honey, fresh crispness of the whisky helps enhance the experience of La Hacienda Gran Robusto.

If Edradour 10yr is readily available to you, give it a shot with La Hacienda Gran Robusto! The Whisky is very good, so adding a bottle to the collection will not hurt!

See you next week!

June 28, 2017 by Kyle G

Warped Whisky Wednesday #2

Well it's another edition of Warped Whisky Wednesday...

But we are not in the office today, we are down at El Titan de Bronze, sampling the new 2015 blends and drinking Jose's secret stash of Balvenie and Buffalo Trace.

See you all next week.

August 13, 2014 by Kyle G

Warped Whisky Wednesday #1

Well were back and its Wednesday! But instead of Mike getting to choose a wine, I decided it was my turn to choose the beverage of choice and well that was easy, Whisky! So today we are pairing Nikka Coffee Grain Japanese Whisky with Flor Del Valle, both Cristales and Gran Valle.

Flor Del Valle utilizes 100% Aganorsa tobacco and is rolled by Casa Fernandez at the TABSA factory in Esteli, Nicaragua.

Marca: Flor Del Valle

Vitola: Cristales & Gran Valle

Size: 6 x 42 & 5.5 x 50

Wrapper: Nicaraguan Jalapa Corojo 99'

Filler: Nicaraguan Corojo 99' & Criollo 98'

Binder: Nicaragua

Body: Medium/Full

Flor Del Valle with Nikka Whisky

Nikka Coffee Grain Whisky

Country: Japan

Cost: $69.99

ABV: 45%

The profile is candy filled, a smooth candy flavor and aroma. Other notes are vanilla, honey, peaches, and a slight spice. The finish is long. Great whisky!

Flor Del Valle with Whisky Glasses

Flor Del Valle Pairing

Overview: Flor Del Valle starts off with a beautiful sweet spice and leans into a fruit cake aspect that is pretty dominant.  This blend starts off medium body but transitions into a higher end medium/full about half way through and the fruit aspect intensifies.

Pairing it with a Nikka whisky that is dominant in fruit with a back seat of spice was not bad. Although I do drink my whisky neat, while I hate the idea of putting a whisky on the rocks, this may benefit from it (i'm talking 1 cube or a tablespoon of chilled spring water). Doing this would really bring out the profile of this whisky, and a it's aroma.

Flor Del Valle Smoking

As we continued on smoking and drinking it became apparent that we need to revisit this pairing when we can have it on the rocks to give it the benefit of the doubt. Both the cigar and whisky are great individually, but together in this format...not so much.

Flor Del Valle Smoking with Hand

August 06, 2014 by Kyle G