Sticker Pack Giveaway Rules

  1. Make a local Warped Cigar Purchase of any dollar amount from your Local B+M. 

    2. Post the Warped Cigar's and the receipt (with a clear date and shop name) on your Instagram using the hashtag #WarpedStickerPack and #WarpedCigars.  The receipt must be dated after this email is received.

    3.  Email a clear screenshot of your Instagram post, and please add your mailing address for the sticker pack.  If you do not send the email, you will unfortunately not get a sticker pack. 

    This contest will run for 10 days (MAY 17 - MAY 26), and if it goes well, we will do it periodically throughout the year!!!  The stickers you will receive are pictured below.
May 17, 2018 by Inspire Ventures

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