Sky Flower x Fait Main 'Sleeping Lady'

Cigar: Sky Flower

Wine: Fait Main 'Sleeping Lady'

As I previously went over in our Jonata pairing post, cigars and wine are a perfect match..but the question remains, are you pairing your cigar with the wine or pairing the wine to your cigar? This review was more planned out, taking into consideration both characteristics of each item individually.

The Cigar:

Sky Flower, the epitome of the Warped profile and our founder & blender, Kyle Gellis. The cigar utilizes the interior blend of Flor del Valle while tweaking it slightly to account for the addition of the incredibly rare and prized 'Medio Tiempo' leaf. This small and rare leaf is a random growing priming, that grows above the ligero priming of the tobacco plant, what it brings to a blend is not strength, but depth and body. The aroma is remarkably memorable, and its taste profile is something that is to be cherished and respected. The addition of this small leaf is not something to take lightly, as it can become blend dominant, and instead of enhancing the flavor profile, it turns it one dimensional so you only taste medio tiempo.

Size: 5 5/8 x 48

Boxes: 10 count

The cigar offers fruit, spice, molasses, raisin, and woodiness in a medium/full experience.

The Wine:

This isn't the first time you have seen this wine from Kyle, he is a very large fan of the wines produced under Fait Main and its proprietor and winemaker, Benoit Touquette. Benoit's wine are very distinctive, and you can get a sense of the extreme dedication and precision utilized when you experience his wines for the first time, his style is unmistakable.

The Fait Main Sleeping Lady uses grape from the acclaimed Sleeping Lady Vineyard in the AVA of Yountville in Napa Valley. Fruit here is known for being lush red fruit, fineness with floral and graphite notes.

You can see why Sky Flower was chosen to pair with Fait Main Sleeping Lady, the two are polar opposites in their approaches to your palate, but also cohesive. Spice, molasses, raisins, and darker tones are approached by the bright red fruits, florals, and subtle graphite notes...the outcome is harmony.

We encourage you to experience both these beautiful experiences by themselves and then pair them accordingly. Fait Main Sleeping Lady is available by joining their mailing list and inquiring about the beautiful 2015 vintage. Kyle was asked about his thoughts on people who aren't sure about wine in general, here is what he had to say...

"If your experience with wine is not that deep or you are looking to expand it, then Fait Main is the place to will hate me however because it will change your perspective on wine in general when you experience it."

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June 08, 2018 by Warped Cigars

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