I was recently asked what wine would go well with a cigar. This question is often asked, often simplified, and often just brushed under the rug. Most commonly someone would say, just a Cabernet Sauvignon...but which Cabernet? Which country? Which region? Did you know that a Cabernet Sauvignon in the USA to be labeled as such only has to be 75% Cabernet? So what other factors are in that bottle that will aid in pairing your wine choice with your cigar choice? That is why the question of what wine and what cigar is actually a bit more difficult to give a quick and simple answer. To start the process of pairing, there are 2 simple questions you need to ask....

1. Are you pairing a wine to a cigar?


2. Are you pairing a cigar to a wine?

For today's purposes, I am going to choose question 1. I am going to taste the wine below and choose a cigar from the Warped portfolio based on the profile and characteristics of the wine. Knowing the wine before hand will allow for a better opportunity to see where to head in the portfolio. I will be looking at fruit, spice, wood, body characteristics in the wine to play along with the blend characteristics of the cigar.

Let's begin.

Wine: Jonata La Sangre de Jonata 2009

Jonata is the sister winery to the famed Screaming Eagle, utilizing grape from the Santa Ynez Valley in California. The La Sangre de Jonata is a Syrah, I chose this because I have never had this wine before, and wanted to see how a Syrah outside of Napa Valley would perform with cigars.

Wine Notes:

Nose: Black and blue fruit, smoke, mild spice

Tasting Notes:  Blue fruit dominant on the front palate, refined tannins, silky, with hints of smoke and mild spice. 

What Cigar will pair well with this wine?

I will be looking for something more medium plus body, higher amounts of spice but with contrasting fruit notes. We want to make sure that the body of the wine does not conflict with the density of the smoke...you have a blue fruit dominant wine with refined tannins, silky aspect and already has smoked and mild spice...what would you pick?


Futuro Seleccion Suprema is my choice. Why? The rich dark fruit aspects, medium spice, chewiness, and wood notes would pair well with the profile of the Jonata.

Let's begin.



While I could go on and on about the during aspects of this pairing, but I thought it would be best to just bring everything into the conclusion. Jonata brought something great to the table, as mentioned before its full of blue fruit, smoke, mild spice, and refined tannins (silky). It's this silk fruit dominant profile that interacted with the Futuro Suprema extremely well, as Futuro has this chewy coating effect on the palate, and that silk body danced with the chewiness. When your draw of Futuro was finished, and your sip began, it all came together. I believe a Cabernet would have been to powerful for this blend, and coating the palate and the subtle spice, wood, and leather notes of Futuro. Thoroughly enjoyed this pairing, and in my opinion Syrah is a perfect wine to have when smoking a cigar..don't call me crazy until you give it a shot.

Short, sweet, and to the point. Grab a bottle, grab a Futuro, and give it a shot.

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February 12, 2018 by Kyle G

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