Well its the last day of 2014 and we are at HQ, doing the typical year end stuff. But we are also thinking back on all that 2014 has been for the Warped and the team members. Its been quite a hectic year, so here are some of our favorite memorable moments!

Moving into our new Headquarters:

Find a spot to call home was intense, stressful, and a drawn out process (but hey what real estate deal isn't?). We spent months looking for a place to call home and luckily when we saw a property that was shown to us at the last minute, I called the rest of my team down to immediately see it and we got the process done very quickly. It's funny thinking back now being at the end of the year from the time we moved in, there was nothing, a completely empty warehouse and office space to what it is now. Its home now and we cannot wait to make it more like home in 2015...can we say coffee bar?


Ohh the IPCPR...if you are exhibiting, you know what I am talking about! From the months of preparation to flying out with my team, to the days of no sleep, its quite an intense experience (we were in Las Vegas for 6 days, and if you have been to Vegas you know this is WAY to long). Meeting with all of the retailers from across the world, it was an amazing experience, one that we loved each and every minute of. Thankfully plenty of espresso kept us going! We cannot wait to see everyone in New Orleans in 2015!

Shipping El Oso, La Colmena, Flor Del Valle, and Don Reynaldo:

This was probably our team list topper. From some box delays to the time they finally went out, we were beyond excited to finally get these marcas out to shops, so YOU could finally enjoy them. Hearing the responses from you has been unreal to us and we are humbled that Warped has found its way into your humidor! Your support and love of these marcas keeps us driving forward to continue to provide you with an experience like no other and we look forward to your support in 2015 as we launch some amazing new things!

So from ALL of us at Warped, we want to THANK YOU for your support this year!

Have a happy and safe New Years!

See you all in 2015!


December 31, 2014 by Kyle G
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