Ahh the holidays are among us and things are booming here at Warped. We are busy surviving this holiday rush and also planning for some BIG things in 2015. We have a few new marcas set to release in 2015, clothing, and much more. But we have been receiving a ton of inquiries regarding our signature wristwear! So I wanted to take a few minutes to discuss this with everyone.

We get a lot of inquiries about when the wristwear will come back in stock, and when it does, we send out an email letting everyone know its back in stock, and as quick as it comes in, it goes out to their new excited owner! One of our goals of 2015 is to accommodate everyone's desire with these pieces and we are working hard to do just that!

We are proud to say that we will be expanding the wristwear line in 2015 in full production! Leo's Wisdom and I have been in the studio coming up with some incredible designs that will set a new level for Warped and Leo's Wisdom.

Stay tuned, its going to be exciting!

December 14, 2014 by Kyle G
Tags: News

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