We get asked alot about the inspiration behind the names and designs of our marca's alot. So why dont we take a more in depth look at the cigar bands and what inspired them.

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EL OSO - "The Bear" was our first release out of El Titan de Bronze. We wanted the cigar to speak for itself, so a minimalistic band was designed to allow its identity to shine, but not overpower.

LA COLMENA - "The Beehive" was a special concept that we developed out of El Titan de Bronze, using inspiration from the Cuban custom roll concept. The band was given a more authentic concept, mixing yellow and olive green and a modern honey comb design to round out its appearance.

FLOR DEL VALLE - "Flower of the Valley" is history re-imagined. The band was designed after the blend was finished, which was the right call, this allowed us to really capture the essence of Flor Del Valle. The design much like the blend itself is full of depth and complexity but balanced in every aspect.

DON REYNALDO - The band was designed to have a vintage Cuban vibe, utilizing subtle ornate elements and matte finishes. The color scheme was chosen from a selection of 10 different schemes by my father who the marca was developed for to honor his support of my passion and enlightening me about cigars and the cigar lifestyle from a very early age.

November 10, 2014 by Kyle G
Tags: Cigars

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