Well we have been back at HQ from the IPCPR since Monday, and today we get hit with a delivery as well! We got our first shipments of the Jaridor's in as well as some other things that we can't show just yet...

But the Jaridor's are not shipping until the middle or end of August. In keeping with our strict quality control, we personally inspect each and every Jaridor before it's put on our shelves and considered capable to be sent to our retailers and loyal customers. Want to learn more about the Jaridor, click here.

Check out the madness below...

It's not even half...where is the other truck?!

Jaridor sitting with packaging

Jaridor standing in

Also don't worry! We re stocked on the popular Little Havana T-Shirts! Click here for more information.

Little Havana t shirts in box

July 29, 2014 by Kyle G
Tags: News

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