Moon Garden Retailers

Small Batch Cigar

Orange, CA

(323) 301-3399


Corona Cigar Co.

Orlando, FL

(888) 702-4427


JR Cigars

Burlington, NC

(800) 572-4427

R. Field Wine Co.

Honolulu, HI

(808) 596-9463


Casper Cigar Co.

Casper, WY

(307) 337-4400


Mr. J’s Havana Shop ( Joyal Liquors )

West Warwick, RI

(401) 822-0536

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Churchill’s Fine Cigars

Phoenix, AZ

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Fox Cigar Bar

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The CIGARBOX Las Vegas

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Atlantic Cigar Co.

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Ambassador Fine Cigars

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Blue Havana II

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Classic Cigars and Lounge

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Cavalier Cigar Co.

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CE Tobacco

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Davidoff of Geneva - Madison Ave NYC

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The Cigar Market – Dominican Republic

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Tobacco Junction

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Tinder Box – OH

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TX Distribution

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The Owl Shop

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Tinder Box Mishawaka

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Tamura’s Fine Wine and Liquors

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Two Brother’s Tobacco Shop

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Tobacco Leaf Las Vegas

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Union Cigar Society

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Underground Cigar Shop

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Winston’s Humidor

Midlothian, VA

(804) 379-2985


Winston’s Pipe and Cigar Emporium

Fort Smith, AR

(479) 434-5627


ZT Cigars

Oklahoma City, OK

(405) 942-0070


2nd St. Cigar Co.

Edmond, OK

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5 Point Cigar Shop and Lounge

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11th Ave Liquor

Portland, OR

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August 20, 2018 by Warped Cigars
Sky Flower x Fait Main 'Sleeping Lady'

Sky Flower x Fait Main 'Sleeping Lady'

Cigar: Sky Flower

Wine: Fait Main 'Sleeping Lady'

As I previously went over in our Jonata pairing post, cigars and wine are a perfect match..but the question remains, are you pairing your cigar with the wine or pairing the wine to your cigar? This review was more planned out, taking into consideration both characteristics of each item individually.

The Cigar:

Sky Flower, the epitome of the Warped profile and our founder & blender, Kyle Gellis. The cigar utilizes the interior blend of Flor del Valle while tweaking it slightly to account for the addition of the incredibly rare and prized 'Medio Tiempo' leaf. This small and rare leaf is a random growing priming, that grows above the ligero priming of the tobacco plant, what it brings to a blend is not strength, but depth and body. The aroma is remarkably memorable, and its taste profile is something that is to be cherished and respected. The addition of this small leaf is not something to take lightly, as it can become blend dominant, and instead of enhancing the flavor profile, it turns it one dimensional so you only taste medio tiempo.

Size: 5 5/8 x 48

Boxes: 10 count

The cigar offers fruit, spice, molasses, raisin, and woodiness in a medium/full experience.

The Wine:

This isn't the first time you have seen this wine from Kyle, he is a very large fan of the wines produced under Fait Main and its proprietor and winemaker, Benoit Touquette. Benoit's wine are very distinctive, and you can get a sense of the extreme dedication and precision utilized when you experience his wines for the first time, his style is unmistakable.

The Fait Main Sleeping Lady uses grape from the acclaimed Sleeping Lady Vineyard in the AVA of Yountville in Napa Valley. Fruit here is known for being lush red fruit, fineness with floral and graphite notes.

You can see why Sky Flower was chosen to pair with Fait Main Sleeping Lady, the two are polar opposites in their approaches to your palate, but also cohesive. Spice, molasses, raisins, and darker tones are approached by the bright red fruits, florals, and subtle graphite notes...the outcome is harmony.

We encourage you to experience both these beautiful experiences by themselves and then pair them accordingly. Fait Main Sleeping Lady is available by joining their mailing list and inquiring about the beautiful 2015 vintage. Kyle was asked about his thoughts on people who aren't sure about wine in general, here is what he had to say...

"If your experience with wine is not that deep or you are looking to expand it, then Fait Main is the place to will hate me however because it will change your perspective on wine in general when you experience it."

Join the Fait Main mailing list

June 08, 2018 by Warped Cigars

Sticker Pack Giveaway

May 17, 2018 by Inspire Ventures

Cigars & Wine

I was recently asked what wine would go well with a cigar. This question is often asked, often simplified, and often just brushed under the rug. Most commonly someone would say, just a Cabernet Sauvignon...but which Cabernet? Which country? Which region? Did you know that a Cabernet Sauvignon in the USA to be labeled as such only has to be 75% Cabernet? So what other factors are in that bottle that will aid in pairing your wine choice with your cigar choice? That is why the question of what wine and what cigar is actually a bit more difficult to give a quick and simple answer. To start the process of pairing, there are 2 simple questions you need to ask....

1. Are you pairing a wine to a cigar?


2. Are you pairing a cigar to a wine?

For today's purposes, I am going to choose question 1. I am going to taste the wine below and choose a cigar from the Warped portfolio based on the profile and characteristics of the wine. Knowing the wine before hand will allow for a better opportunity to see where to head in the portfolio. I will be looking at fruit, spice, wood, body characteristics in the wine to play along with the blend characteristics of the cigar.

Let's begin.

Wine: Jonata La Sangre de Jonata 2009

Jonata is the sister winery to the famed Screaming Eagle, utilizing grape from the Santa Ynez Valley in California. The La Sangre de Jonata is a Syrah, I chose this because I have never had this wine before, and wanted to see how a Syrah outside of Napa Valley would perform with cigars.

Wine Notes:

Nose: Black and blue fruit, smoke, mild spice

Tasting Notes:  Blue fruit dominant on the front palate, refined tannins, silky, with hints of smoke and mild spice. 

What Cigar will pair well with this wine?

I will be looking for something more medium plus body, higher amounts of spice but with contrasting fruit notes. We want to make sure that the body of the wine does not conflict with the density of the have a blue fruit dominant wine with refined tannins, silky aspect and already has smoked and mild spice...what would you pick?


Futuro Seleccion Suprema is my choice. Why? The rich dark fruit aspects, medium spice, chewiness, and wood notes would pair well with the profile of the Jonata.

Let's begin.



While I could go on and on about the during aspects of this pairing, but I thought it would be best to just bring everything into the conclusion. Jonata brought something great to the table, as mentioned before its full of blue fruit, smoke, mild spice, and refined tannins (silky). It's this silk fruit dominant profile that interacted with the Futuro Suprema extremely well, as Futuro has this chewy coating effect on the palate, and that silk body danced with the chewiness. When your draw of Futuro was finished, and your sip began, it all came together. I believe a Cabernet would have been to powerful for this blend, and coating the palate and the subtle spice, wood, and leather notes of Futuro. Thoroughly enjoyed this pairing, and in my opinion Syrah is a perfect wine to have when smoking a cigar..don't call me crazy until you give it a shot.

Short, sweet, and to the point. Grab a bottle, grab a Futuro, and give it a shot.

Got a wine pairing suggestion? Email us!



February 12, 2018 by Kyle G
Warped Whisky Wednesday

Warped Whisky Wednesday

It's already another Wednesday! And you know what that means, Warped Whisky Wednesday! This week we have Wyoming Whiskey and Don Reynaldo Regalos on deck!

Wyoming Whiskey

This week we will be pairing Wyoming Whiskey with Don Reynaldo Regalos.

Bourbon: Wyoming Whiskey

ABV: 44%

Origin: Kirby, Wyoming

MSRP: $36.95


Cigar: Don Reynaldo Regalos

Body: Medium

MSRP: $15.23


The Story: This whiskey was brought to our attention by one of our retailers in Wyoming (Casper Cigars) said he was bringing this whiskey to us at the IPCPR. So sure enough at the end of one of the days of the show, Josh stops by and has us sample this for the first time, thanks Josh!

Whisky Tasting Notes: In an effort to as always keep this light and short a bullet list of our flavor notes are below...mostly so you can get back to drinking and enjoying your taste of Wyoming.









Conclusion: Wyoming Whiskey is spicy, but not hot and has some great cherry aspects to it. While this whiskey does have some youth aspects to it, the sweetness paired with the creaminess of Don Reynaldo's blend make it a good combo, but not the best. The spice aspect of the whiskey and the white pepper of Don Reynaldo do not go together hand in hand. Not the best pairing but not the worst.

August 02, 2017 by Kyle G
Warped Whisky Wednesday

Warped Whisky Wednesday

It's already another Wednesday! And you know what that means, Warped Whisky Wednesday! This week we have Elmer T Lee and Flor del Valle Cristales on deck!

Elmer T. Lee

This week we will be pairing Elmer T. Lee with Flor del Valle Cristales

Bourbon: Elmer T. Lee

ABV: 45%

Origin: Kentucky, USA

MSRP: $34.99


Cigar: Flor del Valle Crisatales

Body: Medium

Region: Nicaragua Puro

MSRP: $9.36


The Story: We all love Elmer T. Lee, that's all there is to it, haha. Price for experience, its hard to beat.

Whisky Tasting Notes: In an effort to as always keep this light and short a bullet list of our flavor notes are below...mostly so you can get back to drinking and enjoying your Elmer T. Lee.









Charred Oak

Conclusion: If you have smoked a Flor del Valle before you know that it has a great stone fruit coupled with a mild spice aspect in a medium body format. Elmer T. Lee is a great "medium" bourbon at 45% ABV its not offensive in terms of its content and it has a tremendous flavor profile to back it. When you mesh the fruit, spice, oak, and velvet aspects of the smoke of Flor del Valle Cristales coupled with the smooth, fruit and citrus notes of the bourbon and the oak finish, the pairing jumps of well. All senses are hitting the palate at once and its just easy going. Nothing overly to dissect or think about, just something to sit back, relax, and enjoy!

July 26, 2017 by Kyle G
Warped Whisky Wednesday

Warped Whisky Wednesday

Welcome back! It's our favorite day of the week...Wednesday!..which means it's Warped Wednesday and that means its time for our weekly pairing! Sorry about the last 2 weeks being absent, but we were preparing and exhibiting at the IPCPR. But we are back now and getting back into the swing of things.

Red Breast 12

This week we will be pairing Red Breast 12 Year Irish Whiskey with Corto X46.

Whisky: Red Breast 12 Year

ABV: 43%

Origin: Ireland

MSRP: $69.99


Cigar: Corto X46

Body: Medium/Full

Region: Nicaragua Puro

MSRP: $8.60


The Story: An Irish single pot stilled Whiskey malted and unmalted barley that is milled and mashed prior to being triple distilled in traditional copper stills. Post distillation the utilization of sherry and bourbon casks is used to create the end product as we know Red Breast 12. If you are a normal Irish Whiskey drinker then I am sure you are aware of this staple. If you are not an avid Irish Whiskey drinker...well you should start.

Whisky Tasting Notes: In an effort to as always keep this light and short a bullet list of our flavor notes are below...mostly so you can get back to drinking and enjoying your Corto.




Smoldering wood


Full fruit


Dark Wood

Conclusion: Why did I choose Corto and Red Breast 12? Well if you have had a Corto X46 you know that it possess this caramel sweet aspect mingled with a chocolate tone that is extremely hard to put down. If you mix in the spice, fruit, and wood aspect of Red Breast 12, you are creating quite a harmonious mixture. These 2 complement each other. The lasting finish of Red Breast 12 allows you to have the profile constantly on the palate long after you put it down, allowing you to have Corto X46 in on the mix.

Give it a shot if possible! See you next week!!

July 19, 2017 by Kyle G

Warped Whisky Wednesday

Unfortunately due to the IPCPR preparation there will be no Whisky pairing this week or next! We will return to our regular posting schedule after the IPCPR.


- KG

July 05, 2017 by Kyle G
Warped Whisky Wednesday

Warped Whisky Wednesday

After a small hiatus, Warped Whisky (and Wine) has returned! Each week we will be pairing a Whisky or Wine with a cigar and offering up our tasting and pairing notes. We hope that it will spark you to give the pairing a try and let us know your thoughts as well!

Edradour 10 Year

This week we will be pairing Edradour 10 Year Single Malt Whisky with La Hacienda Gran Robusto.

Whisky: Edradour 10 Year Single Malt

ABV: 43%

Region: Highlands

MSRP: $69.99


Cigar: La Hacienda Gran Robusto

Body: Medium

Region: Nicaragua Puro

MSRP: $7.95


The Story: It's kind of an interesting story how I came into this Whisky. I was visitng my long time friend, the Edinburgh Cigar Smoker last week for a few days while doing seminars and events throughout Scotland. He told me he wanted to take me to the "smallest distillery in Scotland" and not one for turning down an adventure through the Highlands, I agreed. We jumped on the train from Edinburgh for the 2 hour journey to Pitlochry. We had a great time on the train catching up about everything since we haven't seen each other in over a year, conversations of cigars, coffee, and of course Whisky.

After arriving in Piltochry we grabbed a few quick things and began our hike to the full disclosure you can take a car and drive to the distillery but the Edinburgh Cigar Smoker wanted to hike through the Highlands on tight trails to show me a few of the natural beauties Piltochry had to offer (and thank you to him for making me take the hike!). It was beyond beautiful, after the 45 minute adventure seeing historic buildings, water falls, farm houses, hills, we came to the final walk through a tight trail that ran against someones farm with a stunning view of the rolling hills, it was truly something to behold. But the funniest part was coming out of the woods and right onto the distillery property and getting all the weird looks from people who drove as we are covered in pollen, vegetation, and all.

The Distillery: Marketed as the "smallest distillery in Scotland" it was quite the quaint distillery, with a combination of white and red on each building. We took the tour, and seeing their operation in full operation, it was great to see a boutique distillery. To put things in perspective, what Edradour makes in a year is what the largest distilleries make in a week...but love and care goes into their product and it shows on the property. A great place to visit with a wide variety of offerings in their tasting room and their cask warehouse was certainly beautiful!

Whisky Tasting Notes: In an effort to keep this light and short a bullet list of our flavor notes are below...


  • Lemon
  • Yeast
  • Honey
  • Caramel


  • Honey
  • Short Bread
  • Light Fruit
  • Nutmeg (on the finish)
  • Crisp

Conclusion: One thing that stood out to me with this pairing was how well the honey and crispness of the Edradour 10yr paired well with the nuttiness and white pepper of the La Hacienda Gran Robusto. If you have smoked La Hacienda Gran Robusto you know the profile offers a lot of nuttiness, sweetness, and a bit of light pepper and having that sweet honey, fresh crispness of the whisky helps enhance the experience of La Hacienda Gran Robusto.

If Edradour 10yr is readily available to you, give it a shot with La Hacienda Gran Robusto! The Whisky is very good, so adding a bottle to the collection will not hurt!

See you next week!

June 28, 2017 by Kyle G
Black Honey Retailers List 2017

Black Honey Retailers List 2017

CigarBox LV NV (702) 405-5755
Tobacco Junction TX (903) 234 - 1212
Ambassador Fine Cigars AZ (480) 905-1000
Atlantic Cigar Co. PA (610) 200-0341
Belicoso Cigars and Café FL (407) 960-1899
Belle Meade TN (615) 297-7963
Blue Havana Chicago IL (773) 242-8262
Blue Havana II GA (678) 867-2886
Boiling Springs Cigar and Wine SC (864) 804-6069
Casper Cigar Co. WY (307) 337-4400
Cavalier Cigar Co. TX (979) 693-6734
CE Tobacco FL (813) 597-9424
Chapel Cigars FL 813) 973-1166
Churchills Fine Cigars AZ (602) 840-9080
Cigar Market X (809) 683-1414
Cigar Pointe TX (210) 888-2933
Cigar Tender FL PA (800) 357-9800
5 Point Cigar Shop and Lounge GA (706) 549-3100
Club Humidor TX (210) 828-1261
Cordova FL (850)473-0080
Corona Cigar Co. FL (407) 248-1212
Court Liquors NJ (732) 870-9859
Dirty Dog PA (412) 751-3011
Elite Cigar Cafe TX (972) 661-9136
EnFuego Cigar and Lounge NV (702) 384-9262
Famous Smoke Shop PA (800) 564-2486
Ford on 5th AZ (480) 907-6833
Habana House TX (512) 447-9449
Habanos Cafe CA (619) 692-0696
Jack Schwartz IL (312) 782-7898
James and Sons NY (518) 581-7274
JR Cigars NC (800)-574-3576
JSR Cigar Distributors TX (713) 340-1488
Ligero House GA (678) 926-3260
Lonestar Tobacco TX (281)251-4440
Lucas Pipe and Tobacco NM (575) 526-3411
Mardo Cigars FL (941 )706-3325
Maxamar Ultimate Cigars/ CA (714) 633-3000
Mom's Cigar Warehouse NY (914) 723-3088
Monte's Cigars, Tobacco, and Gifts NM (505 )881-7999
Norway Augusto
Ole Grapevine Cigar and Tobacco TX (817) 424-2326
One Eyed Jack's Fine Tobacco Lounge AR (479) 876-8898
Peaceful Henry's SC (843) 757-0557
Puro Cigar House OK (580) 704-0439
Puros Cigar Shop CT (860) 206-0467
R.Field Wine Co. HI (808) 775-0736
Riverside Cigars IN (812) 284-6198
Royal 10 Cigar and Tobacco OH (440) 652-6534
Rudy's IN (260) 451-0115
Secreto Cigar Bar and Bistro MI (248) 542-4427
Smitty's Cigar and Tobacco GA (770) 539-9006
Smoke Ring Webster TX (281) 332-9871
Smokers ETC OH (330) 945-4532
Smokes on Burdick MI (269) 383-6856
Smoking Cave Lounge CO (303) 713-0022
Spring Street Cigars MS (662) 842-6777
Stogies of Houston TX (713) 783-5100
Summit Cigars CO
The Party Source KY 859) 291-4007
Tinder Box Mishawaka IN (574) 277-3440
Tobacco and Hops NC (919) 288-1166
Tobacco Leaf MD (410) 799-2094
Union Cigar Society WA (206) 805-0866
Up Down Cigar IL (312) 337-8025
ZT Cigars OK (405) 942-0070
June 27, 2017 by Kyle G